Mobile hydraulic fabric machine features 1) the structural characteristics of the boom "Z" shaped three-section folding arm, 360 ° rotation, can pitch and show off luffing jib length achieved within the three-dimensional space of a full range of casting, casting no dead ends, can easily achieve the walls, self-climbing concrete pump placing boom pipes, columns, Concrete piles and other construction work pouring. 2) driven operation Show off the boom, tilt, rotation by hydraulic drive. Hydraulic electrical main components such as hydraulic motors, seals, tubing, motors, contactors and switches, buttons, and so the choice of high-quality imported or joint venture products, system with overload protection, flow control, phase sequence protection device to ensure Stable performance, safety and reliability. Machine operating by button control, simple operation, smooth motion. 3) practicality: When that does not need fixing, according to the site can be flexibly mounted pouring needs. Compact, lightweight, machine lifting and transportation. Flexible, wide range of applications for complex construction site; Easy to use, safe, reliable, economical and practical. Stationary concrete floor cloth machine Features Introduction Cloth radius 17 m (without 3 m hose), the tower height of 11 meters, fully hydraulic drive. The fabric machine secured well in Mobile Concrete Placing Boom advance of work performed on the holes for the floor, when you climb the tower crane will depend on the supremacy of a floor cloth hanging machine, a climb can be pouring two; When the appearance of several large tower can be installed to achieve the transfer by moving the arm to the corresponding tower; Compact, easy to use, safe, reliable, economical and practical, suitable for high-rise buildings and other construction.

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